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Will Running Make My Legs Bulky?

jogging legsOne of the worries many women have when working out is ‘Will I get bulky like a man?’ Thankfully for most females, exercising on a regular basis will not make you bulky. Women simply don’t have the testosterone levels that men do, and many of the hormones are different between women’s bodies and men’s 4490. This means that men can lift weights on a regular basis and become much bulkier than women who do the same workout routine. Women will build muscle, but in order to get a ‘body-builder’s’ body, they would need to have a whole lifestyle change. 4472

However, running could potentially make your legs bigger or smaller, depending on how you’re doing it and several other factors. Let’s take a closer look at the effects that running has on your legs. 4473

How long should you run for?

Whether or not your legs start to become bigger or smaller will depend on how long you’re running 4489. Marathon runners will tend to have much thinner legs than sprinters, for example, who have bulkier and more muscular legs. However, running for very long distances, particularly if you’re not used to it or you’re overworking your legs, could cause your legs to become more muscular, although initially the larger appearance will be due to swelling and muscle ache. 4474

Is it possible to make your legs smaller?

If you don’t have any excess weight and you don’t have much muscle on your legs either, don’t be surprised if your legs start to look a bit bigger as you begin running on a regular basis and build some leg muscle. In order for your legs to get smaller as a result of regular exercise by running, you need to have something on them which can be gotten rid of. If you have muscle on your legs, further exercise will only train and increase this muscle. If you have fat on your legs, this should easily burn away with regular exercise and a good diet, although once you’ve burnt the excess fat, you might notice they look more defined and toned. 4475

Remember to work with your body type

Some people aren’t going to get their dream body – ever. That’s not because they aren’t prepared to work hard enough or it’s beyond their capability – it’s simply because their body type isn’t built for it. It’s important to understand that if your body builds muscle easily, you will have an easier time getting some leg muscle than somebody who finds it very difficult to build muscle. Likewise, if your body doesn’t like building muscle, you’ll struggle to get ‘bulky’ even if you try! 4488

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