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4 Ways to Track the Number of Calories You Eat

calories countingRegardless if you are trying to gain or lose weight, tracking how many calories you eat during the day is a must. Fortunately, there are 2838 ways to accomplish this fitness task:

1. Journaling

One popular way is to just write down the approximate calories in everything you eat. That includes the pat of butter on your vegetables and that tablespoon of dressing on your salad … everything. Otherwise you are not getting an accurate number at the end of the day. 2840 2847

Studies consistently show most people underestimate the number of calories they consume (and overestimate the number they burn). 2841

Keeping track of everything can be as simple as writing everything in a small notebook, to using a journal made to record calories. 2842

2. Fitness Tracker

The new fitness trackers make counting calories easy. Not only do they track the number of calories expended, but many also have a calories-consumed feature. On some it is as simple as clicking on the barcode of the packaging using your smartphone and it automatically records the calories per serving of that food. On others models, you must manually enter the calorie count. But either way, it makes it easy to keep a daily record of your calories. 2843 2848

3. Weight and Measurements

Sometimes weighing and measuring things is necessary to get a more defined number. You may have gotten rid of the nutrition label or bought that item in bulk, so the only way to figure out calories is to look up the amount per serving size. Once you have that number, you can enter it into your journal. At the end of the day, you can tally up your calorie count and compare it to the number of calories expended. 2844 2849

4. Type of Food

Another way to track calories is by the type of food you eat, because not all calories are created equal. For example, the protein and carbs each have 4 calories per gram, whereas a gram of the fat has 9 calories – over twice as much. A good starting point in a daily diet is to have 50% of your total calories come from complex carbs, 30% from protein and the remaining 20% from fat. Based on your progress, which you should also be tracking, you can adjust the percentages from there. 2845

The bottom line is what gets visibility gets done. To get accurate calorie accountability and increase your awareness of how many calories you are consuming, it is vital to track calories in and out. 2846

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