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3 Reasons to Workout with Kettlebells

kettlebellsA kettlebell is a metal or cast-iron weight with a handle attached. Although at first glance you would assume that a kettlebell is supposed to be used like any other weight, there are actually unique exercises that you can do with a kettlebell. But you may be wondering if it is worth it or not to incorporate yet another type of exercise into your workout regimen. Here are 2613 three reasons that may convince you…

1. Kettlebells let you do both cardio and strength training at the same time

Usually, when it comes to exercise, you have to make a choice between cardio and strength training. You can either burn fat with cardio or build muscle with strength training. Well, with kettlebells, you do not need to make that choice. Kettlebells combine the benefits of cardio with the benefits of strength training. When you do kettlebell exercises properly, you will burn plenty of fat and get your blood pumping 2268. At the same time, because the kettlebell is a weight, you will be exercising your muscles and helping them to grow. Now, kettlebell exercises alone will not build the same amount of muscle as pure strength training. But, for those of you who are trying to build muscle and are worried that you are not getting enough cardio, kettlebell exercises are a good way of doing both ( 2043).

2. Kettlebells save you time

One of the big advantages of doing kettlebell exercises is that because they combine both cardio and strength training, and because they burn so many calories, you can actually cut your exercise sessions short. 20 minutes of kettlebell exercises could have the same effect as 30 minutes of another kind of exercise. So, doing kettlebell exercise can actually save you some time and allow you to either do other things or add even more exercises into your workout regimen. If you find that you are constantly having to choose between cardio or strength training because of time issues, then kettlebell exercises can be a way of getting a good workout in a timely manner ( 2615 ).

3. Kettlebells put less stress on the body

If you have ever seen a kettlebell workout, then you will know that the movements involved are all very fluid and natural. Kettlebell exercises put very little strain on your joints and your bones. Regular strength training exercises can result in serious damage being done to joints, muscles, bones, etc., if they are not done properly. But, with kettlebell exercises, the risk of injury is extremely low ( 2486 ).

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