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Why Detoxes and Diets Won’t Help You Live Longer

detox dietAfter Christmas, after a two-week vacation somewhere sunny with lots of food, or just when we decide our bodies need a change, the word ‘detox’ suddenly enters our mind and we start frantically eating healthy in order to lose weight, feel better and get healthier. However, while some diets and detoxes can be good for you, there is little evidence to suggest that they can help you live longer. 2322

They’re not easy to fit into your lifestyle

Many diets and detoxes that we read about aren’t sustainable and cannot be implemented healthily into your lifestyle. That’s why many of us only do them for a few days before having to return to our previous diet. In order to eat in a way that will help you live longer and healthier, you should find a plan that works for you and that can be followed for many years 2029. Sure, you might not stay on track every single day of your life, but at least it will be something you can follow and stick to for 99% of the time.

You’ll feel tired and lethargic

Extreme diets that force you to eat only certain foods for an extended period of time can leave you feeling tired and lethargic and lacking energy. You might feel great when you step on the scale after seven days to find you’ve dropped five pounds, but that’s mostly water weight and not the excess fat you dream of shedding. Failing to get all the nutrients your body needs (which is what happens during detoxes) will cause you other health problems, such as weak bones, sleepless nights and a lack of energy which will affect all areas of your life. 2509

They’re extreme

Since detoxes are so extreme in many cases and force people to take dieting to another level, it creates the idea that good foods and substances should be consumed in very large quantities. This is why we hear about people drinking excessive amounts of green tea, which eventually leads to chronic dehydration and can cause UTIs. Plenty of things can be good for you, but it must be in moderation. Green tea has many benefits to it, but if you drink upwards of two cups per day, you will likely find yourself suffering from a variety of issues. 2468

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