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Calorie Shifting Diet Is The Answer

Dieters all over the world have tried many methods of loosing weight, and a great portion of them fail. Some methods of weight loss do not work for everyone, and a weight loss program that works for one dieter, may not always work for another. However, there is one method of weight loss that many dieters are using with success, and it is calorie shifting. The following paragraphs will discuss calorie shifting, as well as some of the clear advantages associated with it (2269).

Calorie shifting is a method of weight loss that involves shifting around your calorie intake. For example, it is most common for people to eat more calories during their evening meal than any other meal. By shifting around their calorie intake, perhaps eating more in the morning and less in the evening, many dieters are achieving healthy weight loss. Shifting calories in this fashion will give your body more time to burn off those extra calories, as opposed to allowing them to turn into fat . 2270

There are many advantages associated with methods of weight loss that involve calorie shifting. Some of these advantages can include:

  • Rapid weight loss can be achieved.
  • Healthy weight loss can be achieved.
  • Only small percentages of people regain the weight they have lost.

Rapid weight loss is often associated with calorie shifting for many reasons. As previously mentioned, shifting increased calorie intake to early times in the day will allow your body more time to burn off the extra calories. When you consume most of your calories in the evening time, then go to sleep, it is more likely those extra calories will turn into fat (2272).

Healthy weight loss is also commonly associated with calorie shifting methods of weight loss. With these types of weight loss methods, calorie intakes are not reduced to ridiculous levels. Low calorie diets have been known to cause health risks that you do not have to worry about with calorie shifting (2263).

In addition to the above advantages, most people who lose weight by using calorie shifting methods report that they are able to successfully keep the weight off. Only a small percentage of dieters regain the lost weight. Most dieters find that this method of weight loss is the easiest to remain dedicated to (2274).

Any diet program requires the dieter to remain dedicated, they must remain consistent, and they must keep their patience. It is easier to do these things when trying to achieve your goals with a calorie shifting method for many reasons. Calorie shifting methods of weight loss do not require the dieter to give up any food groups, making the diet easier to stick to (2297). The main requirements associated with these methods of weight loss are:

  • Consume the majority of your calorie intake during earlier parts of the day.
  • Consume your evening meal at least 5 hours before bedtime.
  • Participate in regular physical activities.

With such easy requirements, very few people fail with this diet method (2177).

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