Do Runners Improve with Age?

woman running with dog

In short, the answer to the question of whether runners improve with age is it can depend on the definition of improve. With regard to age, keeping at the same pace as the years tick by is an improvement when compared to non-runners of the same age.

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Will Running Make My Legs Bulky?

jogging legs

One of the worries many women have when working out is ‘Will I get bulky like a man?’ Thankfully for most females, exercising on a regular basis will not make you bulky. Women simply don’t have the testosterone levels that men do, and many of the hormones are different between women’s bodies and men’s. This means that men can lift weights on a regular basis and become much bulkier than women who do the same workout routine. Women will build muscle, but in order to get a ‘body-builder’s’ body, they would need to have a whole lifestyle change. However, running could potentially make your legs bigger or smaller, depending on how you’re doing it and several other factors. Let’s take a closer look at the effects that running has on your legs.

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Why “Pushing Through the Pain” Could be a Mistake During Workouts

young man working out biceps

The old fitness standby, "No pain, no gain," may be killing your workout. You do have to experience discomfort to grow stronger. There is no doubt about that. The exertion you feel when you exercise is stress on your muscles. When your muscles are stressed past the point which they are regularly subjected to, they grow stronger in the repair process. So you do have to experience some low level of pain or discomfort when you exercise to see results.

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How to Do Interval Training with Weights

fitness woman doing weights lifting

Interval training with weights is an excellent way to add variety to your workouts. You can combine weighted exercises with bodyweight exercises or cardiovascular exercise to create a custom workout that you will enjoy doing. Experiment with different exercises and lifts so that you can keep your workouts fun and exciting.

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Can You “Spot Reduce” Fat from a Particular Area of the Body?

overweight man

The process of reducing fat in certain areas is called “spot reducing”, and there's a whole industry that is built around the concept that some products can help reduce fat in the areas we choose. Most of these products target belly fat because it's what most people want to reduce, but there are some that target other areas of the body. Is there any truth to the claim that fat can be “spot reduced” and do any of these products work?

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